VR Pro Duo

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High-end controller (BEC) line dedicated specifically to models with combustion engines that weigh up to 13kg and petrol engines to 120cc.This controller can handle up to 10 digital servos every moment of 30kg.The controller has two separate entrances to the use of two packages 2S Li-pol, with automatic switching between inputs and the equalization of tensions in both packages. Of course, it is possible to work on only one power package. On the output side has 4 stabilized output current.Instead of standard circuit breaker has the best class FSS-3 (fail safe switch). Switch has a backlit diode shining shield that indicates that the device is turned on. The design of the controller using the switch FSS-3, the solutions very good cooling in the form of heat sink (with the possibility to install the optional cooler) provide trouble-free operation.Breaker failure FSS-3, measures the voltage of the voltage output do not turn off the device. Failure of the switch output voltage results in setting 5V output.
The controller is connected to the packet power voltage 5.3-8.4V (up to 10V), reduces and stabilizes voltage at 5V, 6V or 7.4V (optional) that can be used to power receiver, servos, gyro, etc. when we do not have BEC-and I do not want an additional package luv 4.8V and 6V when BEC integrated (built-in) with speed controller is too weak to handle the current larger number of servos and other components.
In the case of internal combustion models It can be used as a voltage regulator in the case of using packages li-ion or li-pol 2S. The obvious advantage is the large capacity of such a package and low weight (li-pol).
Regulator VR PRO Duo features stable output voltage, high output current up to 15A and lack of electromagnetic interference.
Rail input and output ports in the plane of the controller allows for convenient routing of wires and reducing the space needed. The output section control based on two power MOSFET transistors. MCU controller precisely controls the switch status FSS-3 and tension. Small internal losses allows maximum use of the capacity of the package power, especially in mode HV.
The regulator VR Pro Duo has a built-in dual three-color meter voltage for each power pack.
Plate mounting the controller is executed in SMT technology, input and output ports are provided high performance tantalum capacitors and the 100% guarantee quality goods all controls are thoroughly checked before leaving the factory.
the controller has four slots current on the left side of which is connected to the batteries (we recommend using packages Robbe 2s with a capacity of 20C or more) through special adapters, four stabilized output current, four connectors for connecting to a port on the fan (optional) and the port of the switch.


  • input voltage: 5.3V-8.4V (up to 10V),
  • output current up to 10A
  • output voltage adjustable switch: 5V, 6V , 7.4V,
  • Size: 63x32x18mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 62g (Weight includes two power adapters package) includes switch Fail Safe Switch